The Accidental Death or Disability Policy:


The need for life and disability cover was raised during stakeholder engagement sessions with small-scale fishing communities, which prompted the founders of the South African Fisheries and Development Fund to implement the Accidental Death and Disability Policy.

The policy aims to provide accidental death and disability cover to small scale fishers’ onboard a SAMSA compliant fishing vessel in the event of accidental death or the occurrence of serious injuries at sea or while offloading. The policy was created for commercial and small-scale vessel owners in the nearshore fisheries. It is available for a maximum of 13-member crews.

The policy is underwritten by Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company Ltd (Lion Life). Lion Life was chosen because of an existing relationship that it has with the founders of the Fund. Lion offered the Fund highly competitive rates and abides by the same guidelines and beliefs as that of the founders.

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