Fund Objectives


Small-scale fishing communities depend on fishing and the fishing industry to generate an income to sustain their livelihood. Without access to marine resources, these communities have no other income generating options, due to a lack of skills development opportunities.

However, at the start of every fishing season, fishers have to cope with pre-harvesting costs, they need to purchase expensive equipment and lack cold storage for their catch. In addition, active small-scale fishers need to secure the necessary verification of their operations by government and require access to regulatory and other information.

One of the major concerns for many families dependent on small-scale fisheries is accidental death or disability, as the fishers are often the sole breadwinners.

The Fund aims to assist these communities in addressing the various challenges they face. Two initiatives that have already been launched include an accidental death and disability insurance policy and a national training initiative. Upcoming projects include mentoring and coaching, as well as support for value chain development and marine safety awareness in association with SAMSA.